Steve  Samler's score for "The Forest Prince and the Pig Man (Hitchhiking in  America)" was named Best Score/Soundtrack in the Los Angeles Reel Film  Festival. Steve can bring a lush, cinematic elegance to even a 30 second  spot. The first time we worked together I thought his score was the  best documentary film music I had ever heard. Yet this time he has  outdone himself"   .Craig Constantine October Wind Productions, Inc.

"I  have worked with Steve Samler for over 20 years on many major  advertising, corporate and motivational soundtracks, and as an ASCAP  composer myself, Steve is a composers composer the best in the  business"   .Charlie ErnstManaging PartnerErnst | Communications Group,  LLC

"I've  had the pleasure of knowing and working with Steve for close to three  decades and still can't find anything to complain about. His music is  always on target and he's just a great guy to work with. He makes our  work sound wonderful."   Ted KayPresidentTMK Productions, Inc.

"What  Steve wrote was always worth the anticipation. Steves music made our  story more understandable, the visuals more intense and the emotions  more apparent. Steve Samler is a top-flight professional and he writes  damn good stuff."   Daniel DetersThe Sound and Picture Company

"If  you're looking for someone who can give you the music you want, Steve  is pretty darn good. But if You're looking for someone who can give you  music better than you can even imagine, then he's your guy. He helped  define sound design. He's always current, in fact ahead of the curve.  Yet he's been around long enough to know how to do it all."   Daniel  GreenbergerGreenhouse Communications

"Boilerplate  or cookie cutter are not in Steves lexicon. If youre lucky enough to be  a Samler client, you get pure originality and unmatched attention."    George King Director of CommunicationsIllinois Education Association

"He once got a gold star in kindergarten."   Ruth SamlerSteve's mom

"I  personally feel that it is the best soundtrack ever for a cable  documentary. Moving in places, frightening in other places, operatically  powerful in dramatic sequences. Im just amazed and pleased. You made my  pictures and words sing."   Craig Constantine Supervising  ProducerTowers Productions for The History Channel

"The  final results were stunning. Stevens ability to create memorable  musical lines and support the voice over performance with authentic  orchestral tones and film score textures was outstanding. The quality  exceeded our expectations and I would highly recommend Steven."     Edward HeidenreichManager of Audio ServicesTerraglyph Interactive  Studios

"I  rely on Steve's consistent creativity and ingenuity. With every project  he raises the bar and stretches his enormous talent. In the true sense  of the word, Steve is a professional"   Brian Boyer-President Boyer  Productions, LLC

"There  are only a handful of music producers who have the wealth of creative  and intuitive abilities that Steve brings to a project. His spectrum of  originality is boundless! This alone is spectacular, but what keeps me  bringing projects to Steve is the sheer joy that I sense when we are  working together. The muse is always at Steve's beckoned call and he is  like a kid in a candy shop when he enters his zone."   Fred Koch  Founder, BestChildrensMusic.com

"Steven  Samler is the only source for music and sound design that I would  consider using on any project. He is known for masterfully handling some  of the largest media projects around, but what is impressive is that he  gives even the smallest the same attention and effort."   Ryan Bank  Clayton Entertainment, Inc.